Winter Car Care

Yes it is possible to get your vehicle cleaned during the winter months, inside and out. We're

usually lucky in the Buffalo area and have decent days to be outside washing cars, at least for me. Having the proper products and knowledge helps to keep customers' cars clean and free from everything on the road.

Road deicer, magnesium chloride, sand, etc can damage a cars paint and under-body. Keeping up on this and keeping it off your vehicle is paramount. These chemicals may be great for clearing the roads of ice and snow but do nothing but eat anyway at you cars metal. Most people have seen the effects of these chemicals on cars in the area. You can help keep the rust at bay by applying a wax or sealant on the paint, some form of protectant for the under-body, and regular washing during the winter. It can be considered more important to get your car washed and washed more often during the winter than the warmer months. Being proactive during this time of year is better then trying to remove the rust once it starts showing up.

Interior care is just as important by not letting the road salt and sand build up in your car's carpet. Letting it build up in your carpet over time just makes it that much harder to remove. I always recommend having a set of heavy-duty floor mats for the winter, something like the Weathertech or Husky brand. Usually available at your dealer or online, they're designed for your particular vehicle, completely covering your floor. I started using them a couple years ago and will continue to have them in every vehicle I own from now on.

With people hanging on to their cars an average of 8 years, having a professional in your pocket to come to you and maintain your vehicle through the winter months can go a long way to retaining its value. Also, don't forget the warmer months will be here, everyone will be bring out the trailers, rvs, boats and motorcycles. We can handle all those detailing needs too! It's never too early to get your toys setup with an appointment and have them ready for outdoor season!


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