Monthly Maintenance Detailing Program

Regular car detailing service to help keep your car on track to looking and feeling its best!

Maintaining and protecting your car shouldn't be difficult or time-consuming.

  • Save time and money with monthly detailing

  • Easily schedule your appointments online when it's convenient for you

  • Discount for maintenance clients on ceramic coating services

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What Should I Expect Every Month?

Not everything listed needs to be performed at every visit. Some only need to be done annually, bi-monthly or every 6 months.


  • Hand Wash

  • Decontaminate paint, clay bar paint

  • Bug and tar removal

  • 6-month Silica Sealant Applied

  • Complete wheel  and tire cleaning inside and out

  • Dress tires

  • Clean wheel wells


  • Complete vacuum including trunk

  • Meticulously clean, shampoo, and detail all interior surfaces including floor mats carpeting, seating, door panels, cubby-holes, dash gauges, vents, etc...

  • Deep clean of all interior fabric/leather/plastic/vinyl

  • Clean door jambs

  • Any leather conditioned using a light, non-greasy, non-shiny leather treatment

  • Clean windows inside and out

And as a bonus, all of the above will be performed once a year, usually in the spring including steam cleaning!

Small Cars/SUVs/Pick-ups - $1680/yr
Only $140 per month
Full-size SUVs/3rd row - $2160/yr
Only $180 per month

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All details require a nonrefundable 20% initial investment at scheduling

How you can keep your car looking beautiful all the time without lifting a finger!

(Even if you've tried before, but it's too much to try keeping up with.)


I understand you know your car needs a good cleaning, but you keep putting it off because of more pressing issues.

Do you know your car's steering wheel is 4 times as dirty as a public toilet?


Here's the problem you face: with our busy lifestyles, you don't have time to take care of your car as you should. 


As a result: your car's surfaces inside and out start to deteriorate from a lack of regular cleaning. Your car's paint finish is dull and faded, the seats and carpet have unsightly spots and stains. And a horrible odor is coming from the back seat!

Luckily for you, there's a solution! Let me introduce you to our Monthly Maintenance Program.


  • Your car will look newer longer, which means you'll get top dollar for your trade-in or resale.

  • A regularly cleaned car means a healthier, disinfected environment for your family.

  • The time spent cleaning your car, you can now spend doing the things you love.

  • Monthly maintenance is more affordable, which means no costly bill when having your car detailed a few times a year.

  • Because your vehicle is maintained regularly, that means far less wait time before you get your car back.

  • A clean car will be less stressful, which means you'll be less stressed and more focused.

  • Every detail with Precision Pro Auto Detailing is reported to CarFax, which means you'll have proof you maintained your car.

Making your life easier through detailing. 


What does that mean?


We make enjoying and maintaining your car easy. Giving back your time to spend with your family or to do the things you love. And we do it with honesty and integrity.

The monthly maintenance program was designed so there would be as little downtime for you and your car as possible.


I've spent the last 5 years working hard developing techniques and choose products best suited to properly maintain and protect your vehicle.

Have us detail your car or apply ceramic coatings to your car's interior and exterior to make it easy for you. Either way, cleaning your vehicle becomes a fast and simple process.


  • 12 months of worry-free maintenance detailing

  • A regularly cleaned and disinfected car for the safety and health of your family

  • Schedule your appointment easily online.

  • Discounts only available to maintenance clients

*Vehicles may need a Level 2 detail to bring it up to par prior to this service starting.

*Bi-weekly and weekly service also available

Small Cars/SUVs/Pick-ups - $1680/yr
Only $140 per month
Full-size SUVs/3rd row - $2160/yr
Only $180 per month

* Prices subject to change without notice