Earth Day Can Be About Clean Cars Too!

Earth Day is this weekend and I wanted to take a minute to give an example how Precision Mobile Auto Detailing can help to be ECO friendly and still provide a service that is enjoyed by many people.

First, a few facts on the water on earth.

  • As most people know, the earth is about 70% water.

  • 97% of the water is salt water, virtually unusable by humans

  • 2% is glacier ice, it is fresh water but again, unusable by humans, actually more like inaccessible

  • The rest, less than 1% is fresh water humans can use. This amount is used for drinking, industry, farming and other things

When most people think about car washing, they think about pulling out the garden hose,

bucket and mitt or any number of drive-through car washes. I always like to point out how wasteful these ways of washing your car can be. Your typical drive-through car wash can use up to 85 gallons of water for one car! It may be recycled water, my concerns about that will have to be covered another day, but that's still a lot of water for one car. Surprisingly, washing your car at home the traditional way can use up to 25-30 gallons. Humans use about 17-18 gallons for an average 8-9 minute shower. Not great numbers when you think about water usage.

What if I told you your car can be washed with as little as 2 gallons of water? Even during the winter! Its true, and we here at Precision Mobile do it all the time. Watch me wash my wife's truck here !

A little explanation is due since you don't see everything that goes into this process.

It starts with a bucket with 2 gallons of water in it. That water has the car wash soap I use to wash cars. Soaking in that water are high quality mircofiber towels for washing. The one last piece to this puzzle is the 32 oz. bottle you see me using in the video. That bottle just has water and the same car wash soap that's in the bucket, just a higher concentration.

The towels are wrung out so they still have water in them but not dripping wet. The washing process is exactly the way you see it in the video. Taking it one section at a time, the area is washed then dried to help prevent water spotting. Also working from top to bottom, your work from the cleanest part to the dirtiest. This helps keep the scratching from dragging dirt across the paint to a minimum.

This process means no need to rinse the car off after washing, no wasted water running off the car and down your driveway carrying with it any harmful chemicals. Speaking of which, about 99% of our cleaning products are 100% biodegradable and water-based. Only in extreme circumstances would we need to use anything remotely harmful.

We are extremely proud that we can provide a high level of auto detailing while making a conscious effort to keep waste to a bare minimum and help to be responsible for the environment around us.

Take a look around our website, , to learn more and we look forward to seeing you this summer Buffalo!



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