What Can I Help You With?

I always ask this question when I meet a new client for the first time.

Usually the response is, my car is dirty can you clean it.

The answer is yes, of course I can but as a business owner, I'm always looking to take it to the next level.

I ask questions, just like in the title of this blog post. I also ask questions like what type of car is it, what year, what color? Mostly for my information since after detailing cars for a few years patterns start to come up. So even before we get into the deeper questions, I already have an idea of what I might run into while detailing your car. For example, I can tell you which cars have the easiest carpets to clean, which are the worst.

How has the car been maintained? Was it detailed by another detailer?

Did you buy it new or used? If it was new, did the dealer do anything to it, up-sell you on a "coating," some form of fabric protectant, etc.

The more I know the better I can help and the better experience you'll have.

The Deep Questions

What really bothers you about your car? Other than its dirty. Well Dan, its just a car, it just needs to be cleaned. True, but if you really think about it, I bet you can come up with something that goes a little beyond just cleaning.

I hate dirty windows, especially the windshield. Drives me nuts to see smug marks or streaks. Not to mention a streaky windshield can be a driving hazard.

If you've worked with me before, you know I always ask at the end, if there's anything amiss or if you windows look streaky, call me.

I also hate fragrances or perfume car scents in cars, that goes double for you chemical cleaners. If you keep your car clean, there's no need for any of that stuff.

I also hate dirty wheel wells. I use to drive a 2500 Silverado. The truck sits higher so 9 times out of 10 if you pulled up next to me in a car, my wheel wells were at your eye level. Imagine looking at my super clean, shiny truck and right there are the dirty wheel wells. Embarrassing. This happens to be one of those things that detailing is all about.

Dan, I own a Jeep Wrangler and I hate how the black trim and fenders have faded. I can fix that. Restore the trim back to black and then protect it from fading again.

If you tell me you bought the car used, first thing I think of, does it have a funny odor from the previous owner. You'd be surprised how fresh an interior can smell after its been steam cleaned.

You have this little spot/stain on the back seat, you don't see it everyday but you know its there calling your name every time you get into your car.

I don't ask this question much because parts of it usually get covered as we discuss what you're looking for in a detail... What do you know about auto detailing?

Yes, it's about washing cars and also about digging deep and really cleaning a car. Getting into all the little cracks, seams, vents, shampooing the carpet, steam cleaning, properly caring for all the different surfaces inside and out of your car, plastics, vinyl, leather, paint etc.

Do you know all about waxes, sealants and coatings. All the different ways to protect your car. What it takes to buff and polish your car back to that beautiful showroom shine.

And that brings me to...


I'll use that last one, buffing and polishing.

Dan, my car is 3-4 years old and the paint doesn't pop or shine like it use to.

If you look at my post, Problems With Your Car's Paint?, I can go through and explain all those different aspects that diminish the quality and shine of your car's paint, from surface containments to swirl marks.

The whole process is education, for you AND me. The more I learn the better I can help you. I want you to get the most out of my services. Sometimes it can be just a simple wash and wax but I'll never know until I ask.

So, what can I help you with?


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