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How easy is it to wash and clean your car right now?

How much time do you spend washing and protecting your car? How long does it take you to apply that wax after you washed it? Do you know that protecting your car's OEM paint will make it look that much nicer 5 years from now?


Most people don't know there's an easier way to wash and protect their car. You're not alone and we're here to help!

100's of hours saved washing cars

Let's make maintaining your car a breeze!

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Precision Package

Starting at $1600

The very best we have to offer. A complete vehicle package using our top-tier coating. Paint, interior, windows, and wheels!

Wheel Coating

Starting at $200

Make your wheels easy to clean and protect them from brake dust. Options to coat just the wheel face or "wheels off" barrel coating.

Window Coating

Starting at $50

Faster de-icing, remove bugs with ease and increased visibility with multiple options for our nano glass coating.

Ceramic Coatings

Starting at $500

Our top tier 5 year, 3 year, 1 year, or Lifetime. Fill out the quote form below or call. We can help you decide what works for you.

Interior Coatings

Starting at $300

Protect your carpet, leather, plastics, etc. . . from life's accidents. Durable coating makes surfaces easy to clean and UV protected

Paint Enhancement & Ceramic Coating

Starting at $299

Our entry-level coating package. This is a budget-friendly coating that still delivers on gloss and protection.

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Read down below for answers to some

common coating questions

What is a Ceramic coating?

Think of a ceramic coating this way. A good quality wax will last 1-2 months. A sealant, which is what I may have put on your car before the winter, will last around 6 months. A ceramic coating is the best, lasting one year or more.

If you what to get a little technical, Ecocoat Quartz and Poly are a silica-based coating (SIO2) that is applied to the paint surface. Coatings are rated on the HB pencil scale, 2H being the softest and 9H being the hardest. Your car's paint ranges from 3H to 4H. Quartz and Quartz+ are a 9H. Poly is a 8H.

What is a Ceramic coating?

  • No need for waxing or sealants. Ceramic coatings create a layer of protection that is far better than any wax or sealant that is longer lasting and more chemically resistant.

  • Less time and effort is needed to clean a vehicle that is coated. Ceramic coatings have a natural ability to repel dirt, oil, and water making it harder for them to stick to the ceramic coating.

  • Though ceramic coatings are not "bulletproof" they do offer a harder surface that is more resistant to marring from improper washing and drying.

  •  Unmatched gloss. A coated vehicle will retain that "just waxed" look for years to come even after a simple wash

  • Ceramic coatings also offer an extra layer of chemical resistants and UV protection. Professional coatings can only be damaged or removed by extremely high/low pH cleaners or by a process of wet-sanding.

The cons of Ceramic Coatings

  • The biggest con to ceramic coatings, the cost. Your professional grade coatings can be a bit of a sticker shock. However, when you add up the cost of having a detailer wash and wax/sealant your vehicle 4 times per year, the cost of having a professionally installed ceramic coating can be significantly less over the life of your vehicle.

  • Coatings are not resistant to water spotting. Hard minerals can be left behind on any surface, coated or not. They can be removed from the coating but are not covered under the warranty.

  • Ceramic coatings can be scratched and marred. They are not "bulletproof" or "scratch-proof" which seems to be a popular misconception. There's only one surface that can not be scratched by any other material other than itself, I'll let you guess what material that is.

How do I take care of my ceramic coating?

  • Wash it. I take the time during our free followup to show you the proper way to wash the vehicle which helps to reduce the chances of scratching or marring of your coating.

  • Since the coating is chemical resistant, clay bar, chemical iron removers, and soap can still be used on the surface without damaging the coating.

  • You may opt for our VIP Monthly Maintenance program and just leave the worry to us!

Does the ceramic coating have a warranty?

The ceramic coating warranty will cover the re-application of the coating to areas of premature failure. Warranties can vary so it's best to find out from your installer what is covered.​

My car is brand new, does it still need to be polishing?

  • Short answer, yes. This is the foundation of a proper installation. It's all in the preparation. In my experience, if a coating fails it was because the surface was not prepped correctly and the coating does not bond to the surface. 

  • Even "brand new" vehicles straight from the dealership will need a clay bar and light polish to remove contaminates picked up from its travels to the dealership. 

Why the difference in price from detailers and the dealership?

  • Experience, skill, and knowledge of the detailer.

  • The type of coating be applied, all coatings are different

  • The above-mentioned preparation goes into a coating may get skipped to lower the cost

  • The size of the vehicle and the type of paint. Different manufactures use different paints, which could mean hard or soft paint that can be difficult to work with.

* Prices are subject to change without notice

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