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Engine Bay Detailing


Always overlooked but such an important part of a superior detailing. Other than going under the hood to add wiper fluid, to most people, what happens in there is mostly a mystery. And with today's sophisticated engines and car electronics, sometimes it's just better left to the professionals. That's not to say it should be completely ignored. A good engine detailing can go a long way.

  • Easier to spot damage in the engine bay, IE leaks

  • Easier to work on (your mechanic will love you)

  • Easier to keep fluids clean

  • A clean bay can prevent corrosion

  • A great idea when looking to sell your vehicle

There is a fear that many people have about spraying down the bay and getting water into the mechanical and electrical parts and ruining it. You just have to remember, you're cleaning the engine not trying to put out a fire.

We do not include engine detailing with our normal service since having a clean engine varies with each customer.

Starting at $25

Headlight Restoration

Do you have hazy or oxidized headlights? This oxidation is caused by oils, road grime and other airborne contaminants that bind themselves to the UV coating on your lights. Eventually, these contaminants bake themselves into the UV coating from the heat of the lights and the sun then the real damage to the UV coating starts.


Illumination from hazy headlights can be reduced up to 70-80%. This reduces your ability to see and be seen at night. With the prices for new, replacement headlights averaging $300 and $1000 or more for higher-end cars like a Mercedes Benz or Lexus, this is a great, cost-effective alterative. 

Depending on the headlight condition, we can use any or all of the processes below to restore your headlights by sanding, polishing and/or re-coating.

  • Sand headlight to remove contaminants and oxidized plastic

  • Polish headlight to remove the fine sanding marks

  • Re-coating the headlights to add a layer of UV protectant


Starting at $65

Mobile Clean Ups


From stains and spills to the grosser than gross, call us for your interior clean up needs. Obviously, every spill and accident is different so we really can not quote a price until we see the extent. Liquids can really get around and many people do not know or just are not thinking of it until a few days later when the smell is back.


One of the more grosser than gross accidents is, everyone's favorite after-party treat, vomit. Whether your friends calling card or even your own, if you choose to call us, there are a couple of things you can do to get the situation under control before we get there. 

  • Clean up the big chunks (do not worry about smearing it around, the damage has been done

  • Pour soda water/club soda on the area and blot up with any rags/old towels as best you can

  • Do not use baking soda

  • Vomit can stain depending what came with it, so leaving it until morning or for any length of time is not advised

  • Sometimes interior pieces will need to be removed for proper and thorough cleaning

  • If an area is not accessible, an antimicrobial/antibacterial spray will be used

In this day in age, there seems to be an app for everything. There may not be one for life's accidents but there is Precision Mobile Auto Detailing.

On Call Service

$120 for the first half hour, $70 and hour after


As Soon As Possible Service

$90.00 for the first half hour, $60.00 an hour after


Other Clean Ups

$60.00 for the first half hour, $40.00 an hour after


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