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Exterior and Interior detailing
Leave the frustration of cleaning your car to us!
2019 Ford F-450 after detailing

Regular car detailing service to help keep your car on track to looking and feeling its best!

Maintenance Detailing starting at $140/mo

1964 Chevy Impala after exterior detail

Exterior details starting at $150

2018 Chevy Corvette after ceramic coating

Exterior/Interior details starting at $400

Car Dashboard after interior detail

Interior details starting at $250

Most car owners struggle with keeping their cars clean inside and out.


At Precision Pro Auto Detailing, we've found ways to make car detailing easy for you.


Now, you can leave the frustration of maintaining your car behind!

Whether you join our Maintenance Detail Program, have us apply a ceramic coating, or schedule an interior and/or exterior detail, we can help make your life a little easier through detailing.

Maintenance Detailing Ford F-450


Starting at $140/mo

Everything from our Level 2 Interior/Exterior Detail to keep your car looking great every month!

  • Hand Wash

  • Clay Bar (for silky smooth paint)

  • Bug and tar removal

  • Iron removal

  • Application of Premier 6 month paint sealant

  • Complete wheel and tire cleaning inside and out

  • Clean wheel wells

  • Dress tires

  • Complete vacuum including trunk

  • Meticulously clean and detail all interior surfaces including floor mats, carpeting, seating, door panels, cubby-holes, dash gauges, vents, etc...

  • Deep clean of all interior fabric/leather/plastic/vinyl

  • Shampoo and Steam Cleaning

  • Any leather conditioned using a light, non-greasy, non-shiny leather treatment

  • Clean door jambs

  • Clean inside windows

Sports Car



Starting at


  • Decon wash of paint and wheels

  • Clay bar treatment

  • 2-3 month paint protection (6 Month also available)

  • Dress tires

  • Complete vacuum

  • Steam clean and shampoo

  • Clean door jambs

  • Clean windows inside and out

  • Clean and Protect leather, dash, door panels, etc.

1998 Pontiac Trans Am after Ceramic Coating


Starting at $150
  • Hand Wash

  • Clay bar for silky smooth paint

  • Bug removal

  • Application of 2-3 month paint protection (6-Month also available)

  • Wheel and tire cleaning

  • Dress tires

Audi car interior after car detail


Starting at $250
  • Complete vacuum including trunk

  • Shampoo and steam clean carpets and seats

  • Wipe down of all surfaces

  • Clean door jambs

  • Clean inside windows

  • Clean and Protect leather, dash, console, door panels, etc. . .

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*All details require a nonrefundable 20% initial investment at scheduling